Record and share backwards videos on your phone

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This app on top of being funny has been jumping in views and could be the next vine. They are adding profile accounts to the app so content creators like vine can build their audiences. They are also adding more control to vids. My vids and others are seeing massive views over 100,000 and it just launched a short while ago. People love it
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Disclaimer: I'm involved in product development with RWND, and we're looking for capital. A cute little article on RWND:
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RWND is great fun! I've seen some great view numbers on mine so far and think this app deserves more attention.
@joelcomm Thanks for that Joel! Glad you're enjoying RWND.
I love this app! Pretty cool! Watch my reverse slo-mo captured by iPhone 6 Install it now! Thanks Chris!
@victed that's a killer video!
Disclosure: I am the Founder of RWND. It's so encouraging to see people using our app and having so much fun! We have a new version coming really soon which has follow, profiles and even more cool stuff. Download RWND now and it will update when the new version hits the App Store. Thanks guys!