An iOS app for reviewing…everything

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Hello Hunters! RVWR is a something I came up with almost two years ago. I wanted to create an app for reviewing video games but realized it would be better if you could review anything and everything. I wanted to give people a one-stop-shop for reviews of all types while keeping it fun and social. Think of RVWR as Twitter and Yelp combined…but for everything. Now all you need is one app for your reviews instead of 5. I hope you guys like it! Please reach out to me with any questions, concerns, or suggestions. RVWR is your product and I am listening. Thank you!
can I submit a topic on which i want to get reviews ?
@rawshashank Not at the moment, but possibly down the road.
3D Touch will be coming in the next update (1.0.1). Also working on getting the app ready for launch worldwide, right now it's only available in the United States, Canada, and the UK.
What's the value prop for businesses? Or is this pure consumer?
@eric3000 I have plans to open this up to businesses but I'm still ironing out how that stuff will work best. I imagine businesses could come to us asking for reviews of let's say, a product, and then we could send out sponsored reviews (without a score).
I downloaded it. Really nice app! How do you plan on encouraging users to post reviews?
@matthui Good question! As of right now I am encouraging them directly. I am reaching out to people to get their opinion on what can make the app better while nudging them to review something. Honestly that is probably the hardest problem to solve. Another way I am tackling it is by making it easy to invite friends, I think once people know a group of their friends are on the app, they will start writing reviews. But for now I need to look into some more incentives for writing your first review because once you start doing it it gets pretty addicting. I am constantly looking for new things to review.