Airbnb for RVs

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this looks amazing. Reminds me of The Wild Thornberries:
@eriktorenberg lmao I forgot about that show. You're totally right. I want to watch an episode now.
@eriktorenberg That gave me a good laugh : )
One day I'll get an Airstream. Land yachts ftw..
Thanks for the feedback. We officially launched today at the RVDA trade show in Las Vegas and the response in the RV industry has been overwhelmingly positive. We would love to get some more feedback from the tech and design community.
I've been dying to rent an RV and even though I know this already exists I feel like there would be more selection and choice by renting AirBNB style as opposed to those companies with their company name on the side of each vehicle.....plus, that's tacky! You don't want everyone to know you rented the RV :-)
Hey Mia, just wondering did you ever rent an RV? Go RV Rentals (www.GoRVRentals.com) lists hundreds of RVs for rent across the USA and Canada. And "no rolling billboards" here from a trusted brand! I'm with you, I wouldn't want to be driving down the road with "800-RENT-ME" pasted on the side of the rig. Tacky! With a private-party RVs you get more features and amenities at a lower price than a national chain store. Check us out soon.
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