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Hey everyone, we're very excited to announce that Ruzzit 1.0 is live and on Product Hunt! Almost 2 years ago we released the MVP (Beta) of Ruzzit on Product Hunt. A huge part of what we have achieved so far is thanks to this community. In short:Ruzzit finds the most viral stories on the web and categorises them into a single feed. Your feed can also be personalised by selecting categories you’re interested in. We wanted to briefly emphasise on 3 points today: 1. Our vision is to become the internet's best viral content feed. Eventually, we aim to track over 100,000+ sources (blogs, social pages, videos etc) and have hundreds of categories. 2. We are in progress of building more social analytic tools as well as a viral prediction tool (which we’re most excited about) - all of which are part of the Ruzzit ecosystem. 3. Finally, a note on our progress as an online startup: All of Ruzzit 1.0 has been designed and built while maintaining our professional full-time jobs. This is why it took us so long and it has certainly not been an easy journey. However, we hope Ruzzit will become a fast growing / established company very soon! We'd be excited to discuss more details in private / which you can do by emailing us at Thank you again to this amazing community, and we hope that you enjoy the product :) You can also download the App on iOS or on Android. Anselme, Alex & the team! PS. If you’re interested in reading the full story that Anselme (Co-founder) wrote, it’s about 15 minutes read according to Medium and gives a great insight into everything Ruzzit is about:
@alexgilmore0811 love the idea. Any thoughts on making politics a category? I'd love to see news stories just not in the form of politics.
@stevenjacobs_ Thank you! We are in progress to add both Politics and Science categories. Unfortunately, news is often strongly linked with politics and vice versa. Headline news will always include it especially at the moment with all the Brexit / Trump buzz. I agree with what you're saying though, so we're also looking into solutions to making each category more accurate. Thanks for the feedback!
congrats on the new launch guys!
@bramk Thanks, and for the help 2 years ago :)
Congratulations @alexgilmore0811 and the whole @Ruzzit Team :) I had subscribed for this release many months back and just received an email notification about the same. I have used BuzzSumo and NewsWhip Spikes in the past ( Trial versions only. Don't have money to buy it :( ). So, I know what I want from you. :) Just used the newest version, Here are few things to know, ask or suggest. 1. Ruzzit looks more like a news site ( Like Viralnova) than a viral content discovery tool. If it's intentional, It's nice, but I would still suggest you give users an option to choose between list views and grid views. I love more content and more links in fewer areas. 2. The social sharing button almost covers the whole featured image. Make it smaller and use icons only, no need to write social media channel name :) 3. Even after the site loaded, when I clicked menu and submenu item, it took the time to load ( means first showed white block, and then mega menu appeared). Give it a look. 4. Is there any chance to add to country specific virality. I mean if I want to see the viral content from India only. 5. Any chance to add Time of 1 hour or 2 hours so that we can pre-estimate the virality of content. Buzzsumo has this option. 6. It currently seems to be free, but there must be some paid features either currently or to be added in future. Aren't you looking for any early adapters which can give you feedback by using it for free? :) ( Yes, I am pitching to get some offer) Thank you so much. Let me explore more now. All the very best. :)
@niteshmanav Thanks Nitesh for all your feedback, appreciate it. To answer some of your comments: 1. Completely agree - this is part of our roadmap. We will create an 'option' toggle between which view the user wants, one a grid view or a list view (a bit more like Reddit or PH for example). 2. Great suggestion, adding to to our backlog to review after today. 3. Sure, we'll have a look at this. 4. Yes. We will be launching in new countries. Our Beta also included France but we thought it would be better to focus in one area for the start. We will expand by getting involved with people from the countries we want to launch in so the content source is high quality and culturally relevant. 5. Yes and no :) Basically this ties into point 6, but there is an issue of not enough content being available at this early stage of Ruzzit as we don't have 100k+ sources at the moment. 6. We plan to keep the Ruzzit feed always free. We are however building more analytic tools that we think would be more useful for brands and agencies. These tools would be most likely a paid feature, most certainly the Prediction tool. Great questions, hopefully, this answers some of them!
@alexgilmore0811 Thank you for the precise response. :) I have already added myself to the early access list of 'Prediction Tool', I will be waiting for the same. Alos read your long post on Medium. You guys are doing an awesome work :) Thank you and all the very best for the great success.
Okay, this product is dope. Already found two articles I enjoyed. You may have earned yourself a loyal user!
@mat_sherman Thank for the feedback Mat! We are happy that you like it and we will try to make it even better.
Congrats. I used Ruzzit by mistake, l was trying to search for BuzzSumo but Google choose to show Ruzzit on it's result as an alternative. When l noticed it's was new l was excited to check it out. It's a little bit slow with video result But l will recommend it for anyone who needs a free version of BuzzSumo. welcome on board Ruzzit 1.0
@kleaklass Awesome, thanks! Glad you would recommend it to others. I know different people have also mentioned Buzzsumo, so we just wanted to clarify on this. We're different in that Buzzsumo is targeted towards brands and businesses as well as the influence industry. Ruzzit, on the other hand, is targeted towards viral content consumers and nothing with influencers. There might be some overlap in the future regarding target industries but we aim to provide different solutions to what is already out there so it remains win-win.