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So i personally love this conceptually it's like news which is now dead, but I would suggest you think about this a little differently (if you haven't already) Instead of showing whats most popular it would be great to show what of the most relevant info for me personally is popular or even better trending but also what I might be liking that Is note part of my normal "interest graph" And you could start profiling my likes and retweets etc and use that to build something that would provide you with a persona on me which would in turn give me a truly valuable tool. In other words I would consider the most popular content your "master feed" but the real value is how you use that to help me get the info that is relevant kind of like an intelligent RSS feed. Now you suddenly have something that companies could pay for. I know it's anecdotal but thats my feedback. I would pay for such a service.
@hello_world Hello Thomas, that's indeed great ideas and we will release some them in the near future. For these features it means that the user has to register on Ruzzit. We wanted to have two majors aspects on Ruzzit : -First: being able for a user to crawl popular contents without necessarily registering because we believe its a trend of the moment . Our main audience is people who wants to discover what's trendy at the moment. -Secondly build a strong user experience when he registers; . give him the possibility to be the first to share a link which can be popular and build karma on this .profile him with his preferences we can get from the different graph informations (provided by facebook accounts, youtube account etc ) and offer him a personalized timeline based on all this. At the moment mostly the first aspect is available on the beta, but soon we hope to release the user experience. thanks for your feedbacks and have a great day,
These pop up every day. O_O However, I do see some unique value.
Alex and I are so excited to show you our web tool called Ruzzit - a new way to find the most shared content on the web! Ruzzit is very simple. There are 3 settings which allow you to filter what you see. Step 1: Pick what content you would like to see (images, videos or articles) Step 2: You select how recent you want the content to be (currently this is 12h, but in future we want that to go down to 60 min or even less) Step 3: Select what social network the content is from (facebook, pintrest, twitter and so on) - Submit then you have your personalized timeline. Our vision for Ruzzit is for it to become the number 1 tool that people use to find content on the whole web that is truly going viral. We need the communities such as Reddit, Digg and of course PH to help the content go viral in the first place before Ruzzit sees it, so it's all connected :) Please note: because we have limited server power for the BETA crawlers which visit specific websites (which is where the content comes from).These crawlers will not be at completely up to speed. This will change of course once we update and release it. Just thought we should give the PH community a heads up. We need your feedback and opinions! Let's work together to make this tool useful and fun for everyone. We're open minded so don't be shy- just remember this is still in BETA. Thank you so much! Anselme @anselmetrochu and Alex @AlexGilmore0811 | Ruzzit Co-founders @ruzzitviral
@anselmetrochu @AlexGilmore0811 @ruzzitviral Good product guys! For a beta release, it is very good. Like the concept, UX, and search results. We have also built something on similar lines. :) Do check it out.
@_mridul_ Thanks! Appreciate the feedback - we're looking forward to improve the crawler and server! And nice tool you have there as well :)
@alexgilmore0811 Keep the good work guys! And do prepare for a ProductHunt traffic surge today. We had to deploy extra servers last time when we got featured.
Hey Ruzzit Crew! Cool concept! I think there could be a lot of value here. Just a thought as I was kicking the tires - I was expecting a landing page with content right away. I know you want to personalize it for the viewer, but asking the user to first answer questions to tailor his/her feed kind of pigeon holes what info the user can see...and delays revealing the value of your content to the user. I'd personally rather explore what's popular on all platforms right away. Is there a way you can do that? Maybe display all content for the current week (or day) at the landing page, then a menu button to filter by platform/date if you want? Might plug a hole in your funnel. What do you think?
@beckerjs Hey Jerry - thanks for that, great feedback. Yes, you can do that- we currently allow the user to select all social networks and all types of content (if they don't want just one of the options) - in future we could allow multiple selections (ie: facebook and twitter / videos and images) for each filter. In one sense it's a good thing as you say, if the user lands on the timeline as it does act like hook. We also remove the landing page once they have already visited the site based on their IP) however if they land directly on the timeline it might feel like just another timeline and not feel personal? Maybe? The intention with the landing page is to guide the user to understand how it works. Ya think?
I love this concept, and I know that I have attempted to create a similar product in the past but never really went into too much depth with it. One question I do have is how do you play (if at all) of removing content that will pop up multiple times? An example of this now is the same video clip of the latest police officer shooting. I can understand why it pops up several times (different hosts for the videos, different edits of the same footage etc) but are there any plans on trying to tackle that?