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Arjun Naskar ☕️
Arjun Naskar ☕️Hunter@anaskar · Co-Founder at HireReady, former Homejoy
I saw RushTix present at the Launch Festival last week. This impressive team of theater folk saw the need to fill empty seats in shows and events and applied a successful ClassPass model to it. Clear wins for everyone involved. Can't speak to the quality of the seats versus full-priced alternatives but looking forward to giving it a try and see what else they can apply this model too (pop up restaurants, museums, conferences, etc).
Tyler Hayes
Tyler Hayes@thetylerhayes · Bebo
"Here’s what you missed" on the homepage—brilliant use of FOMO. Seems they know their audience.
jasonHiring@jason · ceo, writer, event host & angel
Awesome startup, great idea & nice early traction
Martin Shen
Martin Shen@martinshen · UpOut
Jill's done a great job for RushTix esp. the partnership with FunCheap in SF. There's a lot of movers in this subscription space including Jukely which offers unlimited concert tickets for $25/month ($45 for pairs). UpOut Insiders Plug: I run a competing service to these two. Choose up to 3 events each month and we send you a free pair of tickets to each. Unlike most subscriptions we also have a fall-back where if you don't choose any events, you can claim a pair of movie tickets instead. We've priced ours aggressively at jus $20/month and you get a free trial. We have over 200 events each month (SF & NYC) and have a few thousand members already :) or mobile app
Joshua Sortino
Joshua Sortino@sortino · Designer & Advisor
Love this idea! Huge potential to disrupt the market.