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dan morrison — Founder & CEO, Rushline
Hello Hunters!

Thanks @_jacksmith for hunting us!

We've developed a system that allows you to follow people's private conversations among their trusted friends, without knowing who they are.

Before getting to how, here's why.

I previously cofounded ITtoolbox, an early knowledge sharing community. We had millions of users and were named one of 20 companies to disrupt the information industry for our work in online communities before being acquired for $59 million.

My vision had always been to connect the knowledge of an entire population. But I was disappointed to learn the model we helped advance, which prevails today, tends to get about 1% of users sharing their knowledge, while 99% don't. So I started asking those who don’t share their insights online, “why?”

After talking with many, I learned most of us prefer going to select friends for advice, rather than strangers. These conversations are trusted and private (no reputation risk, no trolls and zealots). And when our friends ask us for insights, we’re happy to help.

This pointed to 3 problems I wanted to fix.
1. These private conversations aren't optimized for shared interests.
2. They aren't available for others to learn from.
3. The best responses could've come from people we don't know.

How do we fix this?

At it's core, Rushline is a new kind of messaging platform for friends, with just enough structure for high-value collaboration around shared interests.

Then we do something really cool, something we’ve received multiple patents on. We remove personally identifiable information from these conversations and make them available to the public, matching relevant people to them who can help.

There's an awesome implication of this. You can now be a fly on the wall, following private conversations among trusted friends as they talk freely about #topics you’re interested in. And you can join in when you have something helpful to add.

I’ll be here all day to answer questions and look forward to your feedback.

To see how it works, sign up to follow conversations on any #topic you're interested in, from startup advice to product news or something personal. Available on web and iOS.


P.S. More info at our intro blog post
Stefan Wirth — Co-founder & CTO, Hater
Rushing right into using it. Nice product.
dan morrison — Founder & CEO, Rushline
@nafetswirth thanks!
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