Rush - More than Mail

A new mail app that reshapes your email experience.

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Hi I'm Adams, founder of Rush. Here is my Rush account: Jo is also a Rush founder. Her Rush account is Add us as your friends on Rush and let us know if you have any feedback or suggestion.
Hi, new version is available. You can tabs yourself and your friends in 1.7.0 version. Hope you like it.
Sorry to be that guy, however its "updated" in the 3rd picture as well as "hassle" a singular on the 4th. You could also omit the "a" in the 1st picture. Looks great though! The website directed me to japanese rather than english.
@mannyorduna It's in Simplified Chinese. That's why their English isn't good.
@shcbrian ahahha I got the language wrong myself. 😆. Thanks for clarifying 😊
@mannyorduna @shcbrian Thanks for your remind. We have revised the words in the picture.
Could not find any information about data security within the app/website..
@san_picciarelli Hey there, You can find information about data security in our terms of service ( and privacy policy ( Also on the Welcome page and Sign up page, you could click the link at the bottom to check.
Hey @adamsxu, cheers for the response. I read the TOS and Privacy. What I want to know is a bit more about service architecture and encryption.
@san_picciarelli We used our own encryption algorithms and architecture, and we will disclose specific design in the future.
@adamsxu fair enough. Can't use it until then. Uninstalling. Looking forward to hearing from you guys about this again.
@san_picciarelli Well, did the uninstalling happen on iOS or Android? And what is error message?
How are you going to differentiate from Whatsapp/line/Viber/wechat/Facebook ?
@roberthopman Hi, Robert, Rush is a mail app, IM and Calendar build up into one app. You can start a Chat with your email contact, which will be much more efficient.