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Hey guys, I’m the developer at LTSE that built Runway, a free, visual tool to help you understand, manage and extend your cash runway. I built it for founders like me, who aren’t the biggest fan of spreadsheets, but want to build a sound financial model for my company. I’d love to hear your thoughts!
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@hyonlee this is awesome! Huge resource for something like myself
@whoismaxpelzner Thanks! Let me know if I can help :)
Any plans to integrate with external accountancy software, like Xero? So we can build scenarios on top of our baseline?
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@gazzer82 Hey gazzer82, yes we have one integration in the works which we will release soon. This will allow you to overlay your actual balance history on top of your planned balance.
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@gazzer82 There are tools like Float that already do this. :)
@itswillcurran I've tried several, but they all generally fall over in one way or another. Quite often in how they handle VAT in the U.K. Any you would recommend in case I've missed them?
@gazzer82 I assume if Xero or Quickbooks online manage VAT well then Float would handle it perfectly. It's about making sure your accounting is setup correctly. I don't know about VAT to know for sure but I don't see why not?
Designers are getting a pretty bad deal in the product screenshot estimate and I feel really bad for the Part-time CFO but great product nonetheless 👌😀
@algerts hahaha we'll consider a raise ;)
@algerts the logo is fantastic, whoever did it.
@algerts @robin_solis @marceire that would be Marcus :)
Wow @ericries another fantastic resource, thank you (and the whole team) so much. Been playing around with a scenario on the tool and it's super fast/easy to get it set up and modify to look at different scenarios. Critical knowledge but easy enough to get back on the task of building one's startup. Kudos.
@ericries @leelance Thanks for the positive feedback! :D
I have worked with a lot of startups over the years, and one of the most common question any founder ever gets is: how much runway do you have left? I am repeatedly astonished how few founders really know the answer to this question. If that's you, you need to get on that right now! Don't take a guess or trust your gut on this one. On the other hand, you can easily count the ways building your own excel/sheets version of this model from scratch sucks. Mistakes, bad security, terrible sharing, etc. The LTSE team wanted to come up with something better, and this is our attempt. Thanks for all the comments so far! We love to hear your feedback.
@ericries the attempt rocks Eric