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RUNVI is a next-generation wearable. The SMART insoles & app provide real-time coaching so you can achieve your full running potential.

  • Pros: 

    Strong team with backing from ex Puma CEO


    Yet to try it

    Interested to see how it works with Apple Watch

    James RT has never used this product.
  • Pros: 

    Seems like an interesting product


    didn't try yet

    Excited to try

    seagullsoup has never used this product.
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Joey Daoud
Joey Daoud@c47 · New Territory Fitness
As a Pose running specialist I'm curious about the running technique this device will be teaching.
Doug Hunter
Doug Hunter@hunterdoug · Account Manager at CEWComms
So I am not normally into this stuff, but, I really like the look of it, as James mentioned, it is great to see former puma team involved, credibility there. Is there going to be an API down the line? I think there is some really interesting stats that could be used and gamified... if that makes sense?
@hunterdoug Thanks for your feedback! We are super lucky and happy to have former Puma CEO Franz Koch on board. In terms of API, probably there will be, but we will def look into it!