Build your app, not a status page

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I like the price tag of 5 Euros, compared with others of $30 USD +.
Thanks @joshuapinter, the price is actually something we feel very strongly about. We are focused on offering the best cloud services for SaaS providers from compute, to storage and more like Runstatus. A status dashboard is a must have, for any serious SaaS. There are no excuses not to have one at 5 Euros per year.
The great team at Exoscale is launching this very useful product for everyone providing online services. I've been considering using these kind of services for my own products but the pricing of the competitors always stopped me. @pyr @speed_track Can you tell us more about Exoscale and Runstatus? Why did you build this tool?
@gregoiregilbert @speed_track Runstatus was built out of software we used internally to report the status of our own service to our customers and has been serving for a while. We saw growing demands from customers to have a simple way of communicating about incidents and maintenances with their customers at an affordable price and decided to offer it as a service.
@pyr @speed_track Why did you decide to build your own, custom solution in the first place?
@gregoiregilbert @speed_track We looked for affordable solutions and didn't find compelling ones, so this grew from a simple side-project to a full-blown product, by small iterations
I've added this to my list of Status Page's; This looks nice, and as the lead developer on Cachet ( what does it offer that Cachet can't do if you're looking for free and not bothered about self-hosting?
@jbrooksuk Hi James, If you're not bothered about self-hosting cachet will fit the bill. One of our core beliefs at Exoscale is that there are way too many things that distract you when you're trying to get a product out there, especially when you're a small company or building a SaaS product. We feel it's our duty at Exoscale to help you along the way and keep the list of distractions to a minimum, hence offering a statuspage that you don't have to self-host or worry about, at a price point that won't make you want to look for a self-hosted alternative.
With popular demand we just added the custom domain support: all in the same package: free the first year, and then 5 euros per year afterwards.