Running Lean

An exacting strategy for achieving a product/market fit

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No joke, reading this book led me to quit my job, because it sounded so fun to execute the process that was laid out by Ash. It remains my most recommended book to startup founders.
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@rywalker elaborate more! tell the story :)
@eriktorenberg heh - I wrote a blog post a while ago telling that story
One of the better, more actionable books for lean startup. His video content is also awesome; you can tell he put a lot of analysis into the process, which resonated with my engineering background.
Ash - what was it like working w/ @lukasfittl? :)
@eriktorenberg No joke - he's one of smartest developers I've worked with. He built the first version of Lean Canvas in a few days after a 5 min conversation. You're lucky to have him. He doesn't eat ketchup though (???)
@ashmaurya Haha, the little oddities everyone has. I don't like chocolate either ;) Spark59 was an awesome time, from Lean Canvas, to Lean Stack, to USERcycle. Still looking back to it with a smile!
It is my pleasure to introduce Ash Maurya for an AMA today at 11:30 AM PST. Ash is the author of the international bestseller “Running Lean: How to Iterate from Plan A to a plan that works” and the creator of the one-page business modeling tool “Lean Canvas”. Ask questions in advance...! :)
Thanks @eriktorenberg! It's my pleasure.
Hi @ashmaurya —love your work. Following up on @lejlahunts question above. In the Bay Area (as well among the overarching American startup community) the acquisition of external funding is often lauded as a "success" milestone. How do you think this kind of thinking contributes to the way startups think about their market growth and business models?
@melissajoykong I write about this a bit in Running Lean: External funding is not market validation. It is not traction. Traction is only measured by repeatable actions your customers take that leads to future monetizable value. Unless you have your business model close to pm fit, raising money should not be cause for celebration, but a reality check that the time is ticking. Everything costs 10 times more because you to return a 10X ROI. I don't want to be downer... some businesses do have to raise money...and most need to raise money for accelerating growth. That last kind is a cause for celebration.