Runner Pro

Perform Sketch actions quicker with your keyboard

Runner Pro is our redesigned and rebuilt productivity plugin for Sketch. It's much faster, has better Library search, and Plugin preview! Entirely new with this release are → RunBar: a customizable mini toolbar, and → Rider: search and apply overrides.
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Hello there 👋 Today we launched Runner Pro. A Sketch plugin that speeds up your design workflow. It was often referred to as a Spotlight / Alfred for Sketch. And that's pretty accurate. With this release, the search window got a big redesign. We think it will be assisting you to work even faster with the keyboard. We've also added a mini toolbar called RunBar, and a new search panel called Rider. With Rider you can search and apply overrides to Symbols. We're explaining the new features and the reasoning behind certain decisions more in-depth in our Medium article. Check it out here: We hope you'll be able to design better, and faster, with the new Runner Pro! It comes with a 14-day trial, after which you can upgrade to continue using the full feature set. Give it a try, and we're curious to hear what you think!

I have woven sketch runner into my daily design life but will sadly be leaving it due to how it handles users with more than one computer and how they handled the rollout of making this a paid extension re: without warning. It used to be the first thing I added to sketch when starting fresh on a machine but due to having a stationary work machine where I do the bulk of my work and a portable on the go machine I won't be using SR any longer as you need to buy a license per computer, because of this something that was once free would have me out 40 dollars due to my common setup. Wish it would let you split the license between the two machines since I can only ever use one at a time. Happy to support them but don't like this for something that is way and above the average price of a plugin for sketch.


saves time, fast, very useful, interesting new features in the pro version


How the plugin handles users with a home and a satellite computers.

For most designers, this plugin is really a time saver and a huge boost to workflow. Let say you work by hour rate, then this plugin only costs you like 1hr, 40mins, 30mins or even less. And the fact that this plugin saves you countless hours to do earn more, 20$ is actually a bargain here.
I always recommend this plugin to other designers. When the Pro is released I bought it without a second thought. You already gave us 3 years of a free and brilliant plugin, you totally worth the support!
Instant buy, Runner has been my favorite Sketch plugin the last few months!
Thank you, Roy, Aby, and Team! I've been a fan and evangelist of Runner since your post-hackathon Beta launch, and have saved countless hours -- I'm excited to start using the Pro version. The power to search and apply overrides with Rider is likely to become my new time-saving feature, as our team builds out our Design System in Sketch. Also, kudos on your pricing that empowers everyone to benefit from some core productivity enhancements and charges a fair price for the additional value-add features -- this makes it easy for me to continue recommending Runner to next-gen Product Designers. If you're ever looking for user research participants, please keep me in mind.
@ux_adam Thanks for the kind words, and for being such a long time fan, Adam! And indeed, we wanted to keep an important part of the plugin for free, so that it's easy for new customers to get accustomed with it. We hope that works out how we expected. Thanks for spreading the word!