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#1 Product of the DayNovember 11, 2019
Runkod is decentralized hosting platform for any client side web applications, censorship-free and unlimited, giving complete freedom at no cost.
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Pied Piper?!
@yethibault That's what I'm thinking about!!
Hey Hunters 👋 I’m super excited to introduce to you all, Runkod, a decentralized hosting platform for modern javascript applications and static web publishing. Built on top of Blockstack utilizing the decentralized nature of Gaia storage. Runkod provides simple, yet very powerful tools to deploy your applications quickly and offers promising features like custom domain support, instant ssl certificates, content routing etc.. Main purpose of Runkod is to provide a decentralized and stable hosting platform to developers and help them to speed up their deployment processes while reducing their server expenses. We believe Runkod is one of the crucial steps to build Decentralized Internet with Blockstack! We can’t wait for you to try Runkod and let us know what you think. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!
This is very interesting! As the content is stored in decentralized way, does this help with geographical distribution and redundancy? Ie. If one node goes down, you still get your files served from another node? Basically 100% uptime? If so, this can be huge 😱
Been testing with Runkod for a little while with my preprod environments and I love it! Soon moving all of my apps over to Runkod hosting. Best of all Runkod makes it simple for me to provide instructions to users who want to run their own version of my apps and truly decentralize their need for trust.
Thanks @dantrevino ! Your experience and feedback on runkod have been super valuable for us!
Looks great! I love the simplicity of the dashboard :) I have one question as a developer. Are those files I uploaded are stored on Gaia storage? As I know, files on Gaia storage can only be readable through authentication process. (They only have `userSession.readFile()` methods on their documents) If so, how guest users (visitors who haven't logged into blockstack) can access those website files on Gaia storage?
Thanks @sebastiank ! Blockstack allows users to publish files public to everyone. Encryption is not mandatory. The idea is similar to FTP. Once you upload a file to FTP it becomes a public file. At that point what runkod does is fulfill connection between the user's gaia storage and the internet. To do that we have complicated mechanisms under the hood but basically we can say that runkod is a file router engine between the internet and the gaia storage.