The first sports tracking app for you and all your dogs. 🐕🏃

Rundogo is a unique sport tracking app for you and all your dogs.

Choose from various activities, such as canicross, mushing, skijoring or walking, get social, follow your friends and get inspired by professional athletes.

Your and your dogs workouts are tracked at the same time and you can check the stats for each of you separately.

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Anna KubátováMaker@anniek · Marketer at TappyTaps
Hi ProductHunters 🐶 I'm Anna from Rundogo Team and I'm ready to answer any of your questions about this app! 😊 Rundogo is a new free unique app for tracking dogs sports. You can choose from a variety of sports, from walking and running through canicross or biking to dog sledding. Why is Rundogo different than other tracking apps? Because it focuses primarily on the dogs. You can track the activity of multiple dogs at the same time as well as yours. You can create profiles for each dog you run with, including weight and breed. You have exact records of how active each of your dogs (and you) were during last month or week, what activities they did and what their performances were. We're looking for any feedback, so give it a try and share your thoughts with us! :)🐕🏃