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Absolutely essential for API docs. We added postman buttons to the blueprint reference docs on our website for the Sails framework and it's been killer so far. Super pumped to see this on more API docs for the next time I'm on the integrating side :)
This looks like a damn cool way to make your APIs more developer-friendly. Will integrate this right way :D
Thanks for the Apigee shoutout in the blog announcement, Priyanka. Love the convenience of importing and running collections-- the developers (and ultimately everyone) win!
We get this question all the time from developers, "how can I start using your Management API with Postman?". At Apigee, we added it to the Github repo and Run in Postman Button makes it dead simple. Developers love it! Keep up making API development easy for developers. It's a noble mission!
Hi guys, Postman founder here! We are super excited about the button. It helps bridge a huge gap between public API documentation systems and developers. No more copy/pasting curl commands! The response from our partners has been awesome so far. We are hearing from tons of other public API publishers who are implementing the button for their docs. It's super simple to embed the button and is available for both HTML + JS and Markdown generated docs. Happy to answer questions. :)