#3 Product of the DayOctober 06, 2018
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Free to play game for Android and iOS where players claim land in the real world by running, jogging or walking. A global race to control your own digital empire.

  • Pros: 

    Great gaming mechanics and incredibly addictive


    Would love to see more interaction with other players

    I really like the mix of earning points by running and by engaging with the game on the days between runs. It means that unlike tracking apps like Strava, I'm opening the game every day to invest my coins, which then causes me to think more about my next run, and motivates me to get out the door again. The best thing about it, though, is it encourages me to take routes I've never run before, and so I've discovered lots of back streets and hidden paths I wouldn't have otherwise found.

    Andrew McDonough has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Sooooo fun and addictive!



    I get massive gaming guilt when I sit for hours on end playing switch or games on my phone. Run an Empire is so appealing as healthy activity and gaming is something I never thought possible til now! I love it.

    Natalie Strachan has used this product for one month.
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Kai Burghardt
Kai Burghardt@kaiburghardt · Founder, Engineer, Product Guy
This sounds so cool! Will try it at my next runs today and tomorrow! Apple Watch App to earn coins while running with the watch only would be a long term motivation for me. Normally i leave my phone at home and run with the Runtastic Apple Watch App. But will take my phone with me to test this cool project!!
Benjamin Barker
Benjamin BarkerMaker@benjamin_barker
@kaiburghardt Thanks Kai - you can run with Strava on your apple watch and it will upload to Run An Empire. We are working on an apple watch version too. Happy running.
Kerry Milauskas
Kerry Milauskas@kerry_milauskas
I absolutely love this game, it's so addicting! I'm going out daily now for at least an hour trying to capture new territories and castles. I'm exploring parts of my city that I have never gone before just to get new land. This is the motivation I needed to get myself back onto a healthy track while still having fun doing something I like.
Benjamin Barker
Benjamin BarkerMaker@benjamin_barker
@kerry_milauskas Thanks Kerry! Really glad you're enjoying it.
Benjamin Fletcher
Benjamin Fletcher@benjamin_fletcher1 · Engineer
Pros: I really wanted to like this product. Back in the day, I was a Nike+ iPod runner with the shoe pedometer. The sense of community and competition drove me to run further and faster than I would have. Cons: I never got past the initial onbording screen. There was no obvious UI affordable to continue.
Victoria Baker
Victoria Baker@victoria_baker
I love using Run an Empire, it motivates me to go out running but I also switch it on when I'm out for a long walk. Any opportunity to try and catch a castle! I've really enjoyed watching this product evolve from beta to the beautiful game it is now.
Benjamin Barker
Benjamin BarkerMaker@benjamin_barker
@victoria_baker Thanks Vicki - glad you like it! 😃
Michael Fröhlich
Michael Fröhlich@michael_froehlich ·
First of all, really great idea and nice app. Just spent two hours walking around the city trying to cover as many hexes as possible – I am on a good way to bronze age now, to capture the castle that's on the tile my apartment is on. However, just a few hours into the the game I have gone from "800" gold per tile visited to "242 000". Given this rapid advancement I wonder how the game will keep the balance and motivation once I play for days and weeks. Features I would like to see: - Leaderboard/ ability to "follow" friends - Group runs (pair up with friends and run together, for every tile visited together get some extra goodie) - Offline Apple Watch integration
Benjamin Barker
Benjamin BarkerMaker@benjamin_barker
@michael_froehlich Hi Michael - we're working on a number of features very similar to what you suggest. Look out for them in the coming months, and we'll hope to get your feedback.
Michael Lajlev
Michael Lajlev@lajlev · Digital product designer
@michael_froehlich Also garmin connect option