Collaboration and meeting software for Virtual Reality

Step into your virtual reality office. rumii can be used across virtual reality headsets and desktops for collaboration and meetings. Built-in audio means no more dial-in numbers. Do more than share presentations. Teams can manipulate objects for 3D product design and innovation. Great for remote teams, education and digital nomads.

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This is fascinating. I've been watching the "cultural evolution" of remote working and distributed teams (fun fact: the Product Hunt team is spread across 8 timezones). More companies will be built by distributed teams in the future and we need tools to make communication and collaboration easier. I'm curious what Slack does in our VR/AR future. 🤔
@rrhoover Thank you Ryan! As someone who also has worked from home and remote teams for years, I always knew there was a better way of making this work. Currently, our team at Doghead Simulations is all over the world, but when we are in rumii we truly feel connected and productive as if you were in a real office. Let us know if you ever want a demo for your PH team! We would be honored.
Totally random idea I had looking at this...would be cool to integrate a ping pong table in office. A virtual meeting that also gets your heart going a bit! For me that would give a bit more of a reason to strap on the headset, headphones, etc.
@kjstrasser Yes! We could eventually do that in the rumii lobby! Thank you for the feedback.
@missdestructo Another random use case...remote teams working on VR projects together. So you can test work, try things out, and then discuss project without having to go back & forth from VR to the "real world."
@kjstrasser That would be awesome!
@kjstrasser Having something leisure to do while waiting for your co-workers to show up in the rumii lobby is something we've talked about doing in the future. Ping pong, golf, a batting cage, or pretty much any activity beats staring at a pop-up window that says 'Waiting for the host to start your meeting.'
Cool! does it work with HTC Vive (what I have)? Web based or its own app?
@kjstrasser Hi Kevin! rumii works with HTC Vive, Oculus and the Windows MR (Acer) headsets, you can also use it on desktop (PC/MAC)
@missdestructo Cool...I will test it out. Congrats on launch. Neat idea.

Great possibilities here; can't wait to see what else comes of this.


Gesture tracking, speech tracking, 3D audio placement and more: Makes having a meeting online much more like real life.


Love the embeddable models for discussions and training. Higher resolution would be awesome.

What sort of work spaces are you thinking of developing in the future? Like the surface or Mars or an underwater lab. 🤔
@peet818 Oh all kinds of fun things. We have a ton of outdoor vistas and already have the underwater lab background!
@peet818 Our initial spaces during early access are going to be fairly default meeting rooms. After MVP we'll be adding some more exciting and atmospheric environments.