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Buy Saffron from Afghan farmers

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Interesting that you've chosen PH to launch your service. Most people haven't knowingly tasted saffron or seen it in the supermarket before, let alone care for the issue of where it comes from. I personally use it in my cooking all the time as I'm Persian so definitely interested to see whats going on here!
@stefamini same here. Persian and Safran was part of my life since I am can remember. But nice project. It is nice to see that the soldiers created a business Idea in and with Afghanistan.
@stefamini Great found Stefanie! Not long ago Western people (Particularly Americans) had no clue what Saffron is. But now it slowly became popular here. I found Saffron in Whole Food while ago! haha!
Rumi Spice is a social enterprise that provides high-quality, sustainably farmed saffron to global markets by sourcing directly from rural Afghan farmers in an economic partnership. I had the opportunity to meet Emily at a recent founder event and she's truly inspiring. This is a team of veterans on a social mission that makes a lot of money -- I would bet everything on them.
I love the cultural niche of this service amongst the rest of the products on this site - appealing to those product hunters with a more refined taste-palate shall we say ha! Wish you the best success! Very nice and clean website, with easy to navigate screens - can't imagine you'll have a hard time making this a success - the only issue will be the expansion of your product range to consumables other than saffron. Good luck...
Very cool idea. A couple of suggestions: (1) it would be interesting to see some of the stories of the farmers and how Rumi Spice has changed their lives and livelihood. (2) Given the sensitive political situation, it would be informative and helpful to know who has funded Rumi Spice. Thanks!
This is a great service, and I'm so excited to hear that this supports sustainable trade in a region where so much tragedy and heartbreak have happened. Just a few notes on experience with saffron, for the curious. Saffron is used sparingly in most dishes. You only need about 1/8 of a teaspoon since it's so costly––too much saffron and you'll overpower a dish with its medicinal taste.