Rules of Survival is an epic massive battle royale.

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Hi Guys! While everyone is waiting FORTNITE for iOS, I present you Rules of Survival Game for PC and Smartphone, iOS & Android. I am a lover of battle royale style strategy games, this realistic game is something really epic. (First 300-Player Battle Royale Game on Mobile) If you want to play with me, you can find me as "STRATEGO".
@juliusdesign as someone who doesn't own a console nor a decent PC to game on, this has been amazing since I do own a nice phone. Thanks for hunting, I've literally been playing all day!
@cedricamaya i am very happy for this =)
Shooting stuff currently is not a popular topic.... This will never be viewed in a positive view, only to the downfall of society.
@androidlove Unfortunately it is true, but the war games will not end.
It is like XXX or Fast&Furious based movie game