Community-curated board game rules is an alternative to Googling "[insert game name] rules pdf"... it's a lightweight, easy-to-use board-game rules viewer.

It's also open-source! Both the website code ( and the rulebooks themselves ( are publicly editable.

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Hi everyone! I'm excited to finally share with the community. :) Questions / comments / feedback is appreciated! ❤️
As someone who hosts game nights often, this is a really great idea! I can also see this being a really great tool for indie game devs. I'm excited to keep up with this project and watch it grow!
@beverlytanfilm Thank you for the kind words, Beverly!
Congrats on your hard work. I really like what you have done with this. Its simple, gets the job done. The lack of unnecessary 'suggested' games in side bars or ads makes very useful for those who want to have the rules open while playing on an iPad or Phone instead of printing... absolutely functional. Great Work!
cool as heck