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I’m really excited to introduce RuggedProjects version 2, a modern project management workflow that brings a balance in feature capability and user experience for freelancers, teams and agencies looking to upgrade their productivity output.
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Hey @hipaulkamau! What's new in the new update?
Hi @calum! We've added social features to the platform including meetups, post streams and shared forums to allow members to communicate across organizations and teams. Additionally, We've implemented platform wide cloning features from Projects, Userstories, subtasks and even sprints so that people can build don't have to redo similar workflows. Thanks for your comment!!
Looking forward to trailing this out! Any plans to add integrations with third-party apps?
Hi @lachlankirkwood! Definitely yes! First in that is integrating storage solutions like dropbox, drive, S3 so that users can store their own data on their own terms. Also slack, github and other developer intergrations are in progress. Did you have any suggestions or ideas? I'd love to hear them!!
I tried to sign up.. but didn't work for me
You can always count on that 1 bug that escapes your testing! :) Looking into it. Thanks @edisonjoao6871
Hi @edisonjoao6871 , Happy to report we fixed the bugs experienced on the backlog. Thank you for your help!