An app for writing on the go

Writing on the go should be fun.
Stashing your progress natural.
Coming back to it easy.
Passing it on fast.
ruff is your writing's pocket-sized best friend.
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I do a lot of writing on the go. Could be when I'm in draft mode, when I experience temporary enlightenment that I want to keep record of etc. There wasn't anything on Android that made this an enjoyable process, and so I created ruff. I hope you enjoy using it, as much as I did building it. Special mention to The Audacious Company's Edit for iOS app — that's where the idea for ruff came from. If you're on an iPhone, check it out!
I've learnt that a no-name developer can't launch a paid up-front app in 2019. I tried, it failed. Now let's go again. ruff is now free with an (inexpensive) in-app purchase to remove ads, enable stashing and support an indie dev <3
Nice app, like Appy Weather. But unfortunately, I find your apps a little bit expensive. I love Sam Ruston apps (Bouncer, Hurry Countdown, Luci.. I bought those three apps <3) and support him and his good work. Maybe you need to rethinking your business plan.
?makers Will this app be available on iOS?