Ruby on Rails - The User Interface is the Exception State

Enterprise vs consumer applications & treating human UI as …

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Another awesome episode 😎. I find the discussion on building enterprise applications most fascinating. The purpose is often to automate people so that businesses can reduce costs. Sean shares some of his experiences automating/augmenting human processes. It can start out by automating parts of what a person does... and then more & more improving the software to require as little human interaction as possible. Then you get to a point where a person being needed is so rare that it can be thought of as the "exception state." When the software can't complete a task on it's own, it alerts someone to get help making the decision. The part that stuck with me the most is that the bar for success when automating a "human process" is pretty low. It needs to be able to complete the task and do it either faster/cheaper/more reliably than a human can. Reaching & exceeding that bar is easier than you'd think.