Ruby on Rails Podcast - Memorable Tips for Working Remotely

Learn to be an effective remote team member, and how to bui…

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This is one of my favorite episodes. Highlights for working remotely: - Use LOTS of emoji 😎😍. Communicating emotion through text is hard. Use emoji to get the tone right. - Over communicate. A lot can be lost over text. Communicate more than you think you need to. - If your 1st remote job, be sure this isn't something "new" to the team and that others will be remote as well. being the only remote team member is very hard & not something you'll want to take on without a lot of remote experience. - Remember when negotiating, you are valuable. Ask questions about how the company will help you as a remote employee (do I get hardware? Do i have a travel budget?) Building teams: - let people be the best person they can be. Don't force how they work. Let them use their strengths & by supporting those you'll get a better/happier team. - Find what they need from you. Is it more community involvement? Then go support them in being involved in their local dev community. - include remote team in the victories. Having a big team dinner in the office? Send them a gift card so they can go out to dinner as well.
Awesome podcast!