Hey all, this week @barelyknown was crazy enough to invite me on to the podcast to go behind the scenes at Product Hunt. It was a lot of fun, we hope you enjoy it. 💯 We covered a lot, here some highlights: - The launch of Product Hunt Podcast's - How I got my job at Product Hunt (hint... snapchat) - Moving Boston -> San Francisco - Working Remote vs in office. - Product Hunt's transition to using React.js - Learning/Teaching API-first - AND! Running a high traffic Rails app on Heroku 😎
I don't always listen back to the episodes, but when I do, @mscccc is the guest cohost. It was a great discussion - I really enjoyed it.
I was shamefully pleased with my "I'm M-S-soviet-hockey-team on Twitter" joke and I didn't even get it right! It's "CCCP" not "CCCC". It was instant karma for getting @mscccc's name totally wrong too. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@barelyknown hahaha! I missed that as well.
@mscccc @barelyknown I'm garbage after 3 Cs.
Looking forward to checking this out! =)
Currently listening and really enjoying this episode 😊