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Hey there Product Hunt! Our team at Glow is really excited to launch Ruby by Glow--the world’s first data-driven health & sex app for women. Ruby helps women take control of many aspects of their health: periods, birth control, sex life, cycle symptoms, etc. We want to help women learn more about their bodies and patterns, and serve as a source of trusted information on taboo women’s health topics. Over the past two years we have seen huge numbers of women who are avoiding pregnancy use our Glow fertility app to track their menstrual and sexual health. We’re pleased that we can finally deliver an app experience that is tailored to these women and their needs via our new Ruby app! We look forward hearing everyone’s feedback and thoughts on our product. Go ahead and drop us a line. Thanks, Max
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@mlevchin I really appreciate that this was posted on Product Hunt. Like a lot of people, I see a huge amount of potential for this app. The issue I have though is that it's not also on Android. I know this has probably been said over and over, and I do understand the reason for it. If Ruby is released on iOS first and it gets enough traction, then an Android release should be (if it's not already) in the works. Not to mention, Ruby makes health and sex data - for lack of better words - sexier. It's a beautiful app, and lines up with a lot of values that an iOS user might look for in an app. But there's also a need for an app of this quality on Android. But as we all know, adoption/retention rate on Android is a lot lower. I think that would be the next step for Ruby (if, again, it's not already being worked on) - bringing Ruby to Android users.
@saraclay15 @mlevchin Yes, we’re already working on an Android version. Hoping to get that to market soon.
Great concept and love seeing more women-focused apps in the market, but I wish it was more LGBT friendly. It feels a little like being shamed when it tells me I have a chance of getting pregnant when I don't think my girlfriend has the right set of tools to make that happen. :)
@_rsamuelson Thanks for voicing this, Rebecca. Ruby needs to feel like a relevant and respectful experience for all women, so if you felt shamed by the app's focus on pregnancy prevention--well, that's certainly something to take seriously. We'll start thinking about ways to improve the experience to be more inclusive in this regard. If you have specific ideas about what this might look like, please share.
@_rsamuelson I thought the same thing!
@mlevchin Ruby doesn't get much more personal (e.g. "did you have sex with or without a condom?"). How did you gather feedback from your target demo? I imagine it being difficult for women to open up and share some of their honest thoughts on this topic.
@rrhoover I don't know how the feedback was collected, but I'm sure some anonymity was involved (in the form of surveys, etc.)
@rrhoover Sorry for the delay. Yes, we talked directly to our target demographic--and at this point we're able to get honest replies (probably because we already have a reputation for talking about the nitty gritty of what women deal with and want). The active community on both our Glow and Glow Nurture apps help us get a good pulse for what women are looking for when it comes to sexual and reproductive health. And we plan to evolve the product moving forward based on our users’ continued feedback.
I see how this somewhat varies from Clue, but how would you present your differentiation? Also (marketer speaking) I think the messaging should be tweaked a bit. I'm a woman in my mid-20s - I don't need an app intended to bring clarity to my body's function to refer to my reproductive system health as "knowing what's up down there." Thanks for building something to help women understand their bodies further and make more informed decisions! Awesome :)