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Hi guys! We were hoping to get some feedback on this new thing we’ve been working on called RuBrain. Outsourcing helps businesses find the right talent on short notice, and save up to 30% on salaries and workspace maintenance. RuBrain makes it possible for companies around the world to hire the best Russian IT freelancers, who constantly prove their talent. They rank first in the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest several years in a row, as well as in Facebook Hacker Cup. They also became least-expensive (ok, we are not talking about India) due to significant drop in the ruble-exchanging rate. In other words, RuBrain and the latest events in Russian economy made best Russian talent affordable not only for corporations, but also for startups. Currently, there are approximately 1000 freelancers in our database. Each one has undergone a rigorous screening process and was rated by one of the founders. Besides engineers, RuBrain offers experts in design, marketing, and sales. Each client get access to a project-management tool. Think about it as a premium equivalent of Elance/oDesk. Looking forward hearing from you all. Ask us anything!
It is nice to see a project from my motherland! :) The idea reminds me of TheCrew from Canada. Are you also going to work on developing tools to control the whole project process or just connect clients with freelancers?
@marchenkomark Mark, thanks for you question! We can pick a freelancer and accompany the whole process of the development on a turn key basis. And in this case we provide all the tools for managing and developing the project with availability of all the results 24 hours a day.
@marchenkomark warm greetings from Russia ;)
What a great idea. What process do you use for matching clients to talent? Does the client choose based on portfolios or is there a 3rd party to guide the process? I like the idea of project management tools, we've used Crew in the past and it's nice to have the Milestones laid out and a buffer to hold money in escrow. Definitely could've used this to save some start up funds. 😊 Wishing you guys plenty of success!
@randibarry Sorry for offtop. Could you please tell link of Crew product? I can't find it
@randibarry thanks for your praise. We are aiming to surpass leader of the industry in the US and Europe. Moreover we have already surpassed Russian leader in this direction. Answering your questions: Client deals with a freelancer through our manager that works for team. We work via task-manager (Redmine) where we could see project implementation and manager’s communications with freelancer as well. So at any given time customer could get the dynamics for his project and ask manager some questions. Client is able to hire freelancer right from our web-site or could send us email with order specifications. Thus, we will pick up specialist on our own and will suggest some candidates for our customer. Randi, thank you for the Tool’s idea. As our company advances we will definitely use different task managers and software.
@gogola apologies! so late. Thank you to @gogola for sharing the link!
@abbbbram Sounds great! I will definitely check it out!
We have received lots of emails. Thank you guys for your feedback! :)