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Rubberduck is a browser extension that enhances the GitHub pull request experience by adding IDE features: finding usages and definitions, navigation via files tree to the web browser.

Rubberduck is used by hundreds of developers all over the world, and is available as a quick download from the Chrome Web Store. Self-hosted support is coming soon!

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9 Reviews5.0/5
Thanks for hunting us @moritzplassnig! I saw a spike in GA traffic, and was wondering what's up :D Hi PH! I'm Arjun, and I build Rubberduck to speed up code reviews on the web. Rubberduck adds a sidebar to GitHub and Bitbucket which brings files tree, usages and definitions to diffs and normal code browsing. You can answer questions like "where is this called from?" or "what does this function do?" instantly and speed up comprehension. I believe code reviews are a powerful mechanism for knowledge transfer in teams, and better reviews leads to happier and empowered teammates. Rubberduck is a small step towards making reviews easier and improving engineering team culture. I've had a lot of fun building this out and it's been great seeing how our early users have started relying on the product day-in-day-out. The goal is to continue iterating towards making them happy. Rubberduck is very much work-in-progress, and I'm all ears to hear your feedback :)
I have been using it for the last 4 months and this extension helped me avoid a bunch of errors that would have taken a lot of time later. Hands off to @arjunattam for taking on code reviews. Hope this keeps getting better and keeps making life easier.

Been using this to browse code {Python, Go} on Github for couple of months now. It has really helped me understand a lot more of the open source code that I depend upon, which I otherwise didn't care to go deep into simply because the browsing experience on Github was bad.


Lightweight. Super easy to use. Much better code browsing experience on Github.



Thanks for hunting @moritzplassnig. @arjunattam Please tell us more about how Rubberduck improves the review process, and what new features do you hope to introduce in future versions?
Thanks @abadesi. Earlier this year, I spent time shadowing many developers while they reviewed code, and asked them to think aloud. Often times they would wonder where a particular piece of code is called from, or what a utility method does. Getting answers to these questions meant opening a new browser tab to search, or opening up their IDE. Over time this effort really adds up, and so I built a simple browser extension to solve this in the pull request view and avoid context switching
I use this tool for reviewing Go code, really like its speed and simplicity. It makes for better code reviews as I have do less context switching (between GitHub and my code editor). Thanks for building this @arjunattam.