Rubber Ducky

A psychology-based problem solving technique

Can't decide what flavour of coffee to pick today? Trying to understand a bug in your code? Want to find a way to make your car autonomous? Can't figure out how to use a new gadget? Talk to Rubber Ducky!

Explain your problem in detail to Rubber Ducky, it will make you understand the problem better!

Hello, world! 🐤 This is my first product here and the first published Chrome extension. :) It's a free extension that adds a cute Rubber Ducky to your Chrome menu. It attempts to help you solve problems yourself more effectively. Sometimes we may just get stuck, no matter if the problem is choosing a flavor of coffee or building a self-driving car. Usually, in such moments we ask for help: either a friend or a colleague. But sometimes you just don't want to bother your friends. Or perhaps your colleagues have already blocked you in all messengers for asking stupid questions? 😄 Rubber Ducky is your companion who cannot give answers but can listen very well. It's with you all the time. How to use it: – Get yourself a difficult problem. – Explain it in detail to Rubber Ducky. – Now you understand the problem better! – No solution yet? Take a short walk. Rubber Ducky is based on the idea of "rubber duck debugging". It’s a software engineering method of debugging the code by trying to explain it line-by-line to an inanimate object. This method can obviously be used not only in programming but anywhere you could imagine. The key here is to give a thorough description of your problem, question or anything else that is wracking your brain. Feel free to ask questions and send feedback. 😊
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@gleb_sabirzyanov I like this idea - it would be interesting to see what are the most common questions rubber ducky gets
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@gleb_sabirzyanov How long on average does it take Rubber Ducky to suggest a solution?
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@abadesi It does not suggest solutions. It's just a technique that helps you give the formal description of a problem, which helps to find a solution. Rubber Ducky is just like a metaphor — someone to talk to. :)
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@gleb_sabirzyanov I get it! Thanks for explaining 😊
🐤 Many people consider Rubber Ducky very cute so I decided to give them a way to buy it as a T-Shirt, phone case and many more cool stuff on Redbubble: Every bought product will support me as a maker. 😊 You can also support me directly by donating via Ko-Fi: Thank you! ❤️🔥
Brilliant. I usually want to talk to someone to air things out loud instead of keeping it internalised, not get feedback or suggestions, and process it cognitively differently.
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