Uses your genetics & smartphone to help extend your life.

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Rthm is the AI that uses your genetics and smartphone to help you extend your life. It works by combining the biosensors in your phone, used to monitor your breathing, heart rate, sleep, and activity, with your unique genetic profile to generate life improving recommendations aimed at life extension. Claims to be the only mobile app capable of monitoring your heart rate and breathing rate through clothes, allowing it to track your cardiovascular health over time, guide your meditation, and remove the question of “is this exercise and meditation really working?” Though it works without a genetic test, signing up for the DeepRthm genetic analysis allows the AI to use your DNA and the length of your Telomeres (molecular markers of stress and aging) to curate your precise nutritional, exercise, and behavioural needs, and deliver the results directly to your app.
Hmm...kinda of skeptical of the genetically-based recommendations. While there have been studies that have shown that exercise, diet, and stress levels affect telomere length, I'm not sure if this is specific to each person's genome. Any thoughts?
@jenleeny Hi, thank you for your question. I'm a cofounder of Rthm. Indeed you are correct that exercise, diet, and stress levels impact oxidative stress, which in turn affects telomere length. Genetic profile is indeed implicated in telomere length, as certain genetic variants are associated with longer telomeres. However, Rthm uses the genetic profile to identify variants associated with greater risk of certain nutritional deficits, increased oxidative stress, ect... It then provides recommendations based on the relationship of those genetic variants with your demographic (age, gender, BMI) and activity (exercise, sleep, meditation, nutritional) profile. The result is personalized, actionable longevity insights.
I'm getting pretty tired of companies requiring me to send DNA samples all over the place. I've already done 23&me - is it possible to import my genetic data from there?
@techwraith Hi Daniel, I fully agree. We do not want people spending extra money, that's why we made the app free. We are releasing an update shortly that will allow you to upload your 23&Me data to Rthm. I'll drop you a message when it is up!,
@techwraith Hi Daniel, you can now upload your raw genetic data file from 23andMe, AncestryDNA, Family Tree DNA (autosomal), or DeCODEme. This will instantly load your genetic traits in the Rthm app and you will start receiving daily genetics based tips. To get started, please visit https://user.getrthm.com, where you can sign up/login with your Rthm account and find step by step instructions for uploading your data.
Kinda skeptical about submitted a DNA sample in general. Are they HIPPA compliant?
@anodigital Hi Brian, thanks for your question. The genetic test is performed in a US based facility with CLIA, CAP, ISO 9001, and ISO 13485 certified. These are the highest regulatory standards, and pass every international regulatory agency (notable the US, which has the most stringent worldwide).