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Daniil KravtsovMaker@daniil_kravtsov · cofounder rtb-media.me
Huge thanks to Shaan Puri (@shaanvp) for hunting our Cross-Channel Reporting Platform! Hey ProductHunters!  I'm Daniel, CEO of RTB-Media.me. We are excited that marketers are using RTB-Media's Platform to improve cross-channel reporting, optimization, and management of their ad campaigns. Reporting on ad campaigns has always been a time consuming low value activity, and as the market continues to grow, so does the amount of platforms the average digital marketers must manage. This translates into too many ad platforms to pull reports from, and compiling and standardizing reports leaves little time for analysis and optimziation. With our new cross-channel reporting platform, marketers can optimize their digital advertising campaigns by consolidating performance metrics and multiple logins from different Ad platforms into a unified dashboard. Additionally, we've developed a Machine Learning Algorithm built to analyze their clients’ campaign performance and generate single click optimization tips to achieve campaign goals.   Our new Reporting Platform gives marketers: ·      Unified Cross-Channel Ad Performance Reporting with Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, Bing, Twitter, Doubleclick, Yahoo!, YouTube, Pinterest, and more with a Single Login ·      Real-Time Updates via Dashboard across all Ad Platforms ·      Single-Click Optimization Tips ·      Automated Daily, Weekly, Monthly Easy-to-Understand Emailed Reports ·      Track Critical Metrics including Revenue, Post Click & View Conversions and Much More ·      Track Campaign Financials and other Custom Reports via Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel ·      30 Day Free Trial without a Credit Card   Because we appreciate your feedback so much and the ProductHunt community, we want to offer a special discount to anyone on ProductHunt for 50% off for the first 3 months, using the code (ProductHunt50) Thanks, Everyone! P.S. Come join us on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/rtblovers
Bayram Annakov@bayka · CEO, App in the Air
@daniil_kravtsov good luck!
Daniil KravtsovMaker@daniil_kravtsov · cofounder rtb-media.me
@bayka Thank you very much!
@daniil_kravtsov @shaanvp best of luck. separate note: your sales team is great also.
Daniil KravtsovMaker@daniil_kravtsov · cofounder rtb-media.me
@m1lesv @shaanvp Thanks, Miles! They're the best in the business!
Vladimir@mirvla · CEO of EPICSTARS, founder Campus.IM
Great service!! Really - so many channels inside! But I think you need to add a some visual guide "How to start".
Daniil KravtsovMaker@daniil_kravtsov · cofounder rtb-media.me
@mirvla Thanks so much! The visual 'How to Start' guide you mentioned is in the pipeline.
Zach SwetzPro@swetzequity · Product Manager in Pittsburgh
Wow, this looks really great @daniil_kravtsov, I love the push to Gdocs functionality. Very simple but powerful design.
Daniil KravtsovMaker@daniil_kravtsov · cofounder rtb-media.me
@swetzequity Thank you! The great thing about the Gdocs is that we can help any agency fully customize it to their needs.
John Miller@johnmillerr5
404 error.
Daniil KravtsovMaker@daniil_kravtsov · cofounder rtb-media.me
@johnmillerr5 Thanks for the heads up- We're back up!
Andrzej Nowak@andrzejnowakow · ceo
Look like new exel