Daily, weekly, and monthly repeating tasks to your inbox!

Schedule tasks to repeat on a daily, weekly, and monthly frequency. Receive tasks via email or other integrations! Form habits, remember bills, plan for birthdays, and anything else you don't want to forget. Built on Blockstack for decentralized authentication
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That sounds like a great idea, I even thought about implementing something like this myself. However I don't like the idea of first having to create a blockstack account in order to use it. Even to just see how it looks like. Blockstack might be a great idea, but I don't want to evaluate with it right now and just wanted to have a look at your service. Why don't provide a classice email and psw login? Best, Stephan
@stephan_gabler Stephan, you are totally on point with auth options. I used a Blockstack contest to motivate getting the app off the ground and I realize now that classic email as an auth option is key. I will be adding it into the next major update! Thanks for your thoughts. Much appreciated!
I hope you find some utility with this product! If you struggle to remember those pesky responsibilities like me then you will love this. Enjoy!
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