Rt Covid-19

See how quickly #COVID19 is growing in each US state

An up-to-date tracker of how fast COVID-19 is spreading in each state from the founders of Instagram.
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Great projection w clear visualization of important concept
I think this is brilliant and will no doubt help so many people. I'm curious about something: in the email announcing this (approx 1 hour ago) it was stated that Georgia was the highest. And now Georgia is somewhere in the middle. How often do these numbers get refreshed, and how much do they fluctuate in a given hour?
Great initiative! We need this for the rest of the world!
This is something I've been looking for: a tracker for the "R", or growth rate, of infections. When the R dips to below 1, infections will decrease, and then stop. Also, you can estimate the eventual total number of cases to be about 2X the number of cases at the point the R hits 1. This site is amazing!
Such nice data viz, I hate to feel "excited" due to the subject matter, but this strikes me as well done. I wish I understood the algo behind it ... can someone explain it a bit for me? Especially how this statement holds true "Absolute testing levels should not affect this algorithm much". Appreciate it.