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Easily accept RSVP's for your Wedding, Shower, Bar Mitzvah, or any other upcoming event. Simple for you to set up, easy for your guests to fill out.
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πŸ‘‹ Hello Hunters! John from Boston here. I'd love to share RSVP Keeper - an online RSVP app that aims to make online RSVP's easier for hosts and guests. I recently got married and had to organize RSVP's with my wife. A full-stack developer by trade, I began researching online options, figuring there would be a go-to app for us to use. Long story short - I didn't find something that was: 1. Pretty to look at. 2. Simple to setup as a host. 3. Easy to fill out as a guest. 4. Priced in an easy-to-reason way. After licking the last envelope, I set off to create an online RSVP app for the modern host. I did a bunch of research - polling my friends and family, studying the needs of hosts, and rethinking the RSVP process itself. For example - strangely enough, some other apps in this space don't allow you to manually fill in an RSVP for a guest of yours. To me, I found this feature to be mandatory! I figure you may have an older family member that just refuses to use a computer (I have a few) - with RSVP Keeper all you have to do is talk to them on the phone and ask them if they're coming - then you can simply go to your Guest List and RSVP for them appropriately. Simple and just how you would expect it to work. Some core RSVP Keeper features: 1. Email sending, with the ability to send RSVP links manually to Parties if you wish. 2. Additional Events - good for a shower or rehearsal type side events where you want to utilize the Guest List you've already worked to build. 3. Custom Questions - because there's a whole bunch of questions you may want to ask in addition to the standard meal options. 4. Seating Chart - simple seating chart with quick-export to .pdf and .csv. RSVP Keeper is free to use up to 50 guests - then $19.99 for an additional 200 guests, or $29.99 for up to 500 guests total. Anyways - I hope it can help in an upcoming event you may host! I would love to hear any feedback. Thanks for allowing me to share here.
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Looks interesting !
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@hammad_akbar Hope it can help during a future event!
I casually tried your site and have two nits: - Page title should include your service name. - Event location should include a map of the location.
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@hasan_diwan Awesome thank you for checking it out! Great feedback - both of those items are actually on my roadmap! That's really great insight. I totally agree that a map for the location will bring a little life to the information section. I also was thinking maybe adding hotel or airbnb links in the vicinity as well. Thank you so much!
I really like the simplicity of it. I've always been turned off by how unnecessarily flashy and spammy even simple party invite sites are. This was both flexible and pleasant. How do you plan to take this forward ?
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@sarjun Thank you Arjun! Yea that was exactly was I was going for - simplicity. Well, now I’m going to continue to market it and try to connect RSVP Keeper with hosts. Also I’m going to chip away at adding any more functionality that may make the experience even better. Thank you for the support!