@RSS bot

Slack bot that generates RSS feeds

We have a lot of developers working across various timezones, so it's easy for people to miss out on articles that have been shared as the chatter in the Slack channel moves on. @RSS bot listens for those articles, compiles an RSS feed, and no one misses them.
Hey there! There was a long Slack discussion in our developer channel one day about how often we ended up missing links to interesting articles because the conversation would move on so quickly and by the time you got around to checking the channel there were way too many unread messages to comb through all of them. Some developers also really wanted to just check the articles out like any other post in their RSS reader of choice. I took that feedback and built @RSS bot to serve this - admittedly small - niche of people who want to keep up with links shared in a Slack channel and want to use their RSS reader. It is designed to be a very unintrusive bot that mostly just sits quietly in the background until a link is posted in a channel that it has been invited to. All of its messages are what Slack refers to as "ephemeral messages" which means that only the user who @RSS bot is talking to will see them. @RSS bot cleans up its own messages after you've interacted with it so that your Slack history stays nice and clean. It only leaves behind a little book emoji reaction to the message to signify that the link has been added to the channel's RSS feed for later reading. If someone else shares a link and you don't see that little book emoji show up, you can use the Add to RSS Feed message action to add that link to the RSS feed for the user who posted it. Right now any message text accompanying the link and the user's @ display name will be added to the feed just before the meta description of the page. It is currently awaiting approval in the Slack Application Directory, but you can install it with the "Add to Slack" button at www.rssbot.app. We've been using it in our various development channels for a bit now and it is in a good spot to be used by a wider audience. The project is Open Source and can be found at github.com/InterwebAlchemy/scrape-rss-bot.