@rsebbePrizmo Go

Quickly grab printed text with the camera

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Haven't tried the app yet, but it's ironic that an ocr app has their description in PH spelled wrong. > "Auickly grab printed text with the camera"
@mattrepublic Must have been one of the PH team who wrote that. Wasn't my original tagline. And mine was the one that Prizmo used. So Prizmo's company got nothing to do with this.
@mattrepublic haha yea, I found that ironic too 😂
Impressive new OCR app from the makers of Prizmo. "Aim at text. Shoot. It's yours! Prizmo Go lets you grab printed text easily, so you don’t have to retype it. Before shooting, Prizmo Go shows lines of text directly in the camera preview to let you know what it sees, in a way similar to augmented reality but for text. After shooting, you get direct access to textual contents. It’s that simple. Prizmo Go can read the text aloud, and it also offers a number of interactions with text contents. Or you can simply copy/paste the text to other apps or to your Mac. Finally, thanks to its support for VoiceOver, Prizmo Go is very well suited to low vision and blind users."
But, but you could steal a whole audio book with a simple 16 hour stint in your local bookstore, snapping every page of your fav Tolstoy!