Rescue & Emergency app for Apple Watch

RscMe monitors changes of your heart rate. When your heart is not working properly (exceeding your maximum heart rate or dropping critically low), a text message with your name, location, and heart rate will be sent to your selected emergency contacts.

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It's free for download so anyone can just try it out to see for yourself.


I just installed the app, inserted few family contacts and it's done. I don't really have to open the app anymore. Love it! :)


It could provide statistics. e.g. how many times a day it checked my heartrate but it does not really matter much to me, glad it just works

Hello Product Hunt, and many thanks to @chrismessina for hunting us! We are a team of two from the very heart of Europe. Speaking about the heart, it's what RscMe is all about. It monitors your heart rate in the background and sends emergency alerts (to selected contacts) when the heart rate exceeds your maximum heart rate or drops critically low. The idea was to create something dead simple and useful at the same time. First we launched an iOS app and recently we added also an Apple Watch extension/application. If you wear Apple Watch and want to try RscMe, let me know and I'll send you a promo-code. Your feedback will be much appreciated.
@chrismessina @janhorna I wouldn't use the words "dead simple" in this context :D
@josefrichter True. Should I put those two words in a reverse order? :O
@josefrichter @chrismessina To be honest, the critical scenarios should be also covered by our app. So the comments above might be funny and/or inappropriate, but they are accurate at the same time. The app reached more than 2000 installs at AppStore (75% in China). So far we have not sent more than 10 emergency messages. The low-end heart rate values ranged from 30 to 35 bpm, the high-end was always below 200 bpm. Hopefully this rather healthy trend will continue.