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#5 Product of the DayJuly 30, 2015



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Ben MildrenMaker@mildrenben · rrrepo
Repos are curated directories, for everything. No more using Github/other services that aren't made for lists, rrrepo houses all the best lists on the web. - Users can easily submit links to repos - a community of minds is better than one - Follow repos - users have a personal feed of additions from the repos they follow - Upvote and Comment on links Some repos to check out: Marketing ----------------------- https://rrrepo.co/repo/Marketing Startups -------------------------- https://rrrepo.co/repo/Startups Web Design -------------------- https://rrrepo.co/repo/webdesign Email ------------------------------ https://rrrepo.co/repo/Email Creative Resources --------- https://rrrepo.co/repo/CreativeR... Pokemon VGC ---------------- https://rrrepo.co/repo/Pokemon_VGC Wedding Planning ----------- https://rrrepo.co/repo/Weddingpl... Future Music ------------------- https://rrrepo.co/repo/FutureMusic Stock Photography ---------- https://rrrepo.co/repo/StockPhot... Tennis ---------------------------- https://rrrepo.co/repo/Tennis Slack Chats --------------------- https://rrrepo.co/repo/slackChats GulpJS --------------------------- https://rrrepo.co/repo/GulpJS Sublime Text ------------------ https://rrrepo.co/repo/SublimeText We're just out of the gates, and still in Alpha, so we are aware that a lot of UI needs to be streamlined, and we will be adding a whole suite of new features very shortly too.
Olivier El Mekki@oelmekki · maker
An other step toward curation :) I thought of the Startup Stash variants as something where the value resides in editorial choices from moderators, I'm curious to see how crowdsourcing the content will go. I think there is space for non timestamped social curation. By the way, small bug: if you try to upvote something when not logged in, nothing happens from the interface point of view, and js console show a 500 error on xhr request. Message in response content is " Undefined index: user_id" (so I suppose it's about not being signed in).
Ben MildrenMaker@mildrenben · rrrepo
@oelmekki There is still so much for us to sort out and fix, the UI/UX being one of them. We actually have 'prompt user to sign in if they upvote/follow/comment' on our todo list.
Mike Seidle @indymike · Founder, Work Here
@rrrepe love the direction you are going on this. Please fix the login box so it works with password managers like lastpass.
Ben MildrenMaker@mildrenben · rrrepo
@indymike Thank you! We'll be sure to look into pass managers :D
Ross Currie@rossdcurrie · Founder, Brutal TearDowns
Nice one - I remember a snappy little startup that kicked off in the 90s with curated directories. I think they did quite well until some upstarts from Stanford re-invented search :) Seriously though, we've been talking about this in MakerHunt lately. I think it's fascinating the way in which things have come full circle. The problem used to be being able to find things on the net. Now the challenge is filtering through the clutter and so curation has made a comeback. I definitely think there's a big future for "Yahoo! meets Wikipedia"
Ben MildrenMaker@mildrenben · rrrepo
@rossdcurrie Thanks Ross! We totally agree, and we've had many convo's like the one you mentioned regarding curated content. We really have come full circle. Google certainly killed curated directories, for a while. But without sifting through hundreds of pages on Google, I feel the best way to find the best content for a topic is through crowd curation.
Ross Currie@rossdcurrie · Founder, Brutal TearDowns
@mildrenben You'll get bonus points if you can bring back terms like "World Wide Web" and "Information Superhighway" :)
Ben MildrenMaker@mildrenben · rrrepo
@rossdcurrie I'm on it ;)
Ben Tossell@bentossell · newCo
Like resources in one place, again I'm keen to see how crowdsourcing these will evolve rather than a curation... small feedback, make a Log-In button and prominent....I registered then didn't know where to log in for a while (maybe I need another coffee). Also, when I am logged in, how do I create a repo? - had to go out of the logged in section to be able to. May also be worth looking at simplifying the process to add a link. Sorry if seems a bit much, just letting you know my thoughts :) Good luck!
Ben MildrenMaker@mildrenben · rrrepo
@bentossell Hey man, thanks for signing up! To create a repo, click the explore link, it's on that page. We know it's a bit crappy, we absolutely need to streamline the UI/UX, so we appreciate your feedback and are taking notes.