The *polite* companion bot who knows your business

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Hi - so I built Roy. Think Tay...but rather more polite. I designed him to autonomously help field ops staff within our organisation when they can't immediately get an answer to urgent questions. Today he is a Slack bot, but we have an intelligent OOO and SMS service in beta. He is trained to understand your business, solutions and products with a focus on improving the sales cycle. Would love your feedback.
@samhaseltine cool, seems bots are eating the world! is it easy to use within any organisation and what are the top use cases?
@tribaling yes it can be trained to speak your organisations language. Other than that, the other USPS are that Roy will be able to autocomplete documents on your behalf (for sales teams often work with RFPs this is a huge time saver - this is beta), intelligently reply to emails on your behalf when OOO and finally he can have webhooks into an organisations documentation to intelligently source correct answers.
@samhaseltine how did you build this? Are you planning to build a business around this?
@chrismessina Hi Chris - I built some (very) basic proprietary AI for a bot who could answer very specific and simple questions related to our business. We tested that out, but couldn't quickly get scale. So, right now we have a mix between a foundation of and some proprietary tech that automatically interprets documents for Roy to answer. Still learning and improving!