Roximity Model O

One of the smallest & most affordable beacons on the market

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Danny Newman
@dannynewman · CEO ROXIMITY
Thanks Burton! Let's definitely chat about what you guys are up to, I'd love to hear more. I think you will be especially interested in some of our work around changing digital displays (TV's, jumbotrons, etc.) and even audio (what songs should be playing) for this individual or current group of people in this location at this time. Also doing cool stuf… See more
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Danny Newman
@dannynewman · CEO ROXIMITY
I think the *primary* use case is context for an app/user. How close is user X to beacon Y. This creates a lot of really interesting use cases. There are user facing scenarios as well as examples that look at real world analytics of pathing, dwell time, repeat visits, etc. The early and obvious uses are pushing ads/messages to phones as someone comes into p… See more
Danny Newman
@dannynewman · CEO ROXIMITY
We're super excited about this new beacon design! We released our "commercial grade" Model X (5 year battery life, weatherproof, secure) beacon earlier this year and have tons of great feedback and huge deployments. We also heard that people wanted a super tiny beacon they could use in displays, packaging, attach it backpacks and laptops, etc. So we listened… See more
Daniel Burke
@d2burke · iOS Engineer, Handshake, SF
"alerting a staff member of a users presence" - this. Imagine Open Table providing restaurants with data on the full life-cycle of a user, from search to interest to being seated (and at what table). They could in turn tie that data and the resulting review to who the server was at that table as well as what the user ordered, not just what they took a pict… See more
Jonathon Triest
@jtriest · Ludlow Ventures
It's so small you can make it part of your packaging!  See more
burton rast
@misterburton · Designer, IDEO
we've done quite a lot of experimentation & prototyping w/ beacons this past year at IDEO. our work has centered not around employees being notified of the presence & location of a user, but rather an environment responding, accordingly, to the user. i.e. how might my environment surface relevant information for me or respond, accordingly, to my need… See more