Simple group step tracking and competitions.

Rove is the simplest step tracking experience for you and your crew. Join competitions, stay up to date with the group leaderboard, and work toward hitting your step goal every day.

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Michael Brooks Jr.
Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer @Spire
Thanks so much to @ChrisMessina for hunting us! We’re huge fans of the Product Hunt community and are thrilled to share what we’ve been working on: Say hello to Rove 👋 Rove is the simplest way to track your steps and create competitions with any group of people. Track your steps with the device you already have (syncing through Apple Health & Google Fit), create a League with whomever you want, and get a group leaderboard. We’re excited for you to try it out and we’d love to know what you think! If you want the full story, read on… but, either way, thanks for your interest! --- We’ve actually been testing Rove out for a while. In its earliest stages, it was just a single feature taken out of another product we built, called Spire. So, we called this simple step-tracking & competitions app "Spire FIT." But as people started to use it more and more, we realized that this product deserved its own name and its own story… so Rove was born! The big updates with Rove include the ability to participate in multiple “leagues,” personal & group milestones, and link-based invitations. Today, we’re actually revealing a new feature: Interactions! Our users have told us that they love trash-talking about Rove, but does the world need another chat app? No, Instagram Direct, it does not. So we included some simple reaction emoji and pre-written messages. What do you think? Any messages you’d like to have included? We’re open to suggestions! Thanks again for checking this out… we can’t wait to get your feedback!
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Kyle McCollomproduct @ stellar foundation

Rove helped my family stay close across long distances by having step competitions across different step tracking device types!


Cross-platform step competitions!


Needs even more integrations :)

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Jonathan Yagel
Vice President @ Peak Money
Hey, everyone! To show you how Rove works, we created a “Product Hunt” league! 😻 Go to the "Learn More" link on this post and you’ll be prompted to download the app and join the league. We’ll start the first week-long competition, tonight, so be sure to get in, soon! (And thank yooooooou, @ChrisMessina, for the hunt! You rock!)
Ben Levy
Co-Founder of Sweep, PH NYC Co-Organizer
This is cool! Especially as we enter the new year... How does this product compare to Stride Kick?