Automatic life-logging journal.

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Heyday (cc @blader) and Memoir offer similar life-logging diaries. None of these have stuck for me, but I may not be the target audience. I know many people write private diaries so the behavior and desire is there.
Hey! Founder here. Questions and feedback welcome.
@edouardtabet Impacts on battery life?
@nikunj This is something we worked very hard on. If you have a recent android phone you shouldn't notice the difference. We sample measurements based on your activity to minimize impact on battery.
@edouardtabet Sweet! I'll give it a shot on iOS. Also any reason you have two apps on the App Store, instead of having an in-app purchase?
@nikunj We had plans to differentiate Rove pro further but it never happened.
This just released for Android. The automated part of it has a Timehop-like quality to it because it tracks your events based on your data and you don't have to manually enter anything.
I have been using Rove for over a year. The set and forget logging approach is great. I like that it incorporates my pictures into the storyline and it provides nice statistics like how much time I've spent on commute last week.