Route optimization software for delivery businesses

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Hi Product Hunt! Eight years ago, I wrote my thesis on advanced route optimization algorithms, and learned two things: 1. Route optimization can save up to 40% on total mileage compared to manual route planning 2. Most last-mile delivery businesses still plan their routes manually So we built Routific with a mission to cut waste in last-mile logistics :) we want to make route optimization accessible to every local delivery businesses – and help run their fleets as efficiently as UPS. We are tackling a notoriously hard computer science problem with a very easy-to-use piece of software. Would love your thoughts! Ask me anything!
@kuomarc This is a great way to help businesses cut costs, customers save money and get better service, and for all of us, save the environment!
@kuomarc this looks great! ever considered adding financing into the process?
@husseinyahfoufi What do you mean?
Makes me want to run a delivery company...
An investor once told us they thought logistics wasn't sexy. I beg to differ... :)
@suzannebma You and I both. I bet he thought a $8.1 trillion market sure was sexy, though.
I love Routific—both the product and the team! I know several business that save a fortune on both gas and delivery costs using it. As an Operations Research geek myself, I am continually amazed at how fast the software is at generating routes. The math behind it is very intense.
What are the big updates from the last time you were posted:
@bentossell Great question, Ben – last time we were on Product Hunt was two years ago, when we first launched our tool to plan your routes. With this new release you can follow the progress of your routes in real-time: - Live tracking features to follow your drivers' progress - Delivery performance analytics reporting - Proof of delivery, including signature capture - Complete redesign of the UX/UI based on 2 years of feedback - And a few more smart mid-day re-routing features
Hey Marc , i'm want really to use your service but i'm in egypt and the pricing is very high , and we're a startup can we have any package ? i'm will make a Routific my base so we'll be a longterm client