Simple HTTPS, routing, and custom domains for your sites

Routepath is a hosted reverse proxy.
It gives you a simple and easy way to:
* Rewrite HTTP paths for a domain to various hosting services and CDNs
* Add custom domains to services that don't provide it
* Set up automatic HTTPS for your sites
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When working on side projects, I'd run into the issue of how to host my backend with Heroku, AWS, etc., and my frontend with Netlify, Surge, etc. Of course I could stand up an NGINX or Caddy server, but that can be pretty involved and needs to be maintained. Another option is using a CDN, but that tends to be overkill for my needs, and they tend to have complex pricing. That's why I built Routepath, so I can rewrite paths on my domains to different places and easily add SSL to my sites.
I added Routepath as a product on Indie Hackers! Check it out if you want to see our revenue and milestones: