Route Relay

A 1-800 number that connects to all your phones.

#5 Product of the DayMay 13, 2016
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Koodos to you guys for trying to fill a void in this market, however, there are many other services out there that are way more cost-effective. Your pricing is insane! I personally can use something like or Ringcentral for much cheaper ( Like unlimited minutes for $20 or under with even more features than yours ). As for usability, they are not hard to get started on either... Just my two cents, try drastically lowering your prices to get a good amount of people trying it out. Your primary target should be small business owners and entrepreneurs, and money is crucial for them, it's cash that they could save and use for things like marketing.
The speed at which the telephony APIs are moving is absurd. There is such a large number of under - arbitraged opportunities given the new low price of telephony APIs.
@datarade I totally agree. One of the main reasons for that is towards real-time and personalized experience for the customers. Something happening instantly is big gratitude and this can be leveraged by startsups at much lower cost compared to the past.
Get One Toll free number that connects to all your phones. Maintain national or local presence within your reach. Forward calls to your cell phone or landline. Get voicemail delivered directly to your email. Get multiple extension for everyone on the team & voicemail is delivered directly to your email. Run your business from anywhere, anytime, at your convenience!
@kwdinc Thanks for the intro Kevin.
@sololeena Super cool idea. I noticed the Home navigation link isn't functioning. :)
@sanooktiew Thanks for the heads up. It's fixed now!
Hey everyone! Founder/Developer here. We did the frontend/design/backend/ of Route Relay and are really happy with how it turned out. If you have question on the product or stack, let me know! The backend is built on Node/Express/Mongo on DO and storing uploads/other data on S3. The amount of work and tender loving care that went into developing, curating customer responses, and organizing all of information on the site is really amazing. I really think this is a hugely valuable resource for anyone starting a startup/small business to offer 1-800 numbers on their site, to drop a personal touch in developing long term relationships while managing how the employees gets to use the phone system. We have some great plans to extend the functionality in the near future. -Leena @sololeena