Now marketing automation is really for Marketers, not Devs

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Flávio E. CardosoMaker@flavioeduardo · CEO, Route
Hi Product Hunters! I’m the founder and CEO of Route :) Just to give you more context about Route. We decided to create a Marketing Automation platform for marketers with different technical skills. Although the traditional way to integrate using JavaScript/API is available, we thought about adding new ways to get started for those that don’t want to work with code and don’t have a developer available to help. Without coding, the marketer can integrate forms to collect contact information, track website events and integrate several 3rd party applications to start campaigns for lead nurturing and customer engagement. All this within minutes, not months. So, hope you like it! And if you have questions about Route just ask. Felipe (@felipecb_) and I will answer them all. Thanks!
Felipe C. BarbosaMaker@felipecb_ · Digital Marketing @ Grupo A - Blackboard
Hey! I’m the marketer here at Route. As Flavio mentioned, if you need any help and have questions about Route just let us know. :) Thanks!
Felipe C. BarbosaMaker@felipecb_ · Digital Marketing @ Grupo A - Blackboard
I'd like to thank @erictwillis, @bentossell and @jacqvon for all the support! \o/
Imrat Jn@imrat · Affiliates Anonymous
This looks interesting. Do you integrate with Intercom @felipecb_ ? One of my businesses requires the following funnel: User comes to our website - checks out pages - connects through Intercom chat to ask some additional questions. If they are interested - they need to get a referral from one of our existing customers or partners. After that they complete a verification form (providing some data / accepting terms) after which they receive a link to their personal signup page. Would we be able to manage that full funnel with Route?
Felipe C. BarbosaMaker@felipecb_ · Digital Marketing @ Grupo A - Blackboard
@imrat Hi Tijn, thanks for your comment! We don't have a custom integration with Intercom, but we do have one with Zapier so you could connect both services. :) Yes, Route can manage this funnel. In your example, I suppose that every person will receive a unique link, correct? We actually do something similar to it when sending emails to remind people to confirm their account. When a user signs up but doesn’t confirm the account we send an email with a unique link so they can confirm. For that we use custom attributes for the contacts and when creating the email we add the url with the variable we want to be replaced for each person, creating an unique link.
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace@kkdub · 🎯Strategist for Hire
Route could be super useful for small business owners who are advanced in their marketing. It will never make sense for them to hire a dev from a ROI perspective -- but if they have a high lead volume, automating their funnel does make sense.
Felipe C. BarbosaMaker@felipecb_ · Digital Marketing @ Grupo A - Blackboard
@kkdub Hi Kelly! Yes, you're right. Small business owners can benefit from implementing a tool by themselves. But companies that have both marketers and developers in-house can also work with Route. The marketer could implement it (events, form integration, 3rd party integrations) without asking for help. We wanted to offer all the possibilities for our users. :)