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It works great, love it! I use on my iPhone, kinda same thing.
@diegojimenez Never heard of that one before. I like it!
I use an IFTTT recipe to get a daily email with the instagram pics from my area. It's been a great way to keep up with things going in in and around my high-rise in Downtown Brooklyn. Highly recommend looking into it. The Recipe I use (slightly customized from the one I found on IFTTT) also includes a link in the email to the GoogleMap location where the photo was taken (ie. where the GPS tag says it was taken)
@mobilegreg Nice tip! IFTTT can be used for so much cool stuff. :)
Cool idea! Who made this?
@dxripunov Thanks! It's definetly a fun side project. ;)
Cool idea, but the Instagram API's 20 photo limit is a bummer. Wonder if there are any approaches to retrieve additional photos, for example, using pagination and multiple API calls.
@playgraph Yeah, it's a little sad they have this limit indeed. Would be really nice if they would open up a little bit more for things like this eventually. A pagination might be an alternative, We´ll investigate that some more. Thanks for the tip!
Thanks a ton for getting featured!! :) Hope you´ll enjoy the site as much as we do.