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Love the UI. Is there a reason why it's not available worldwide?
@josef_moser @mwcrowley same here, would love to give it a try in the UK
@jont @josef_moser we've had to start with a U.S. and Canada only roll-out because of the complexity around medicine and vitamin names in different countries. The drug databases are very region specific and we're trying to avoid a situation where someone either can't find their prescription or it only gives them a non-local one. I'll be sure to reach out to you when it's live in the UK!
@mwcrowley @josef_moser oh ok, is there no enter your own kind of functionality?
@jont There is, it's just not very apparent. If you add a medication and type whatever you want, even if it's not in the list, you can just hit enter and use that as the name placeholder.
@mwcrowley great stuff, I've got it downloaded with my US Apple account and setup with my own meds now. Only additional request would be to allow me to set alternate days for taking a medication.
Hi all! We've been hard at work on this app for the past few months and are excited to receive such a positive response both here and on the App Store. Most of the work we've been doing has been focused on creating something that fits into peoples lives by making an app that draws heavily from our hundreds of user and expert interviews (and is well designed). One of the biggest features of the app is the concept of a "reminder window". These windows let you set bounds on when you want to try and take a medicine or vitamin and then send you several reminders in the form of app badges and push notifications. Say goodbye to the phone alarm as your pill reminder :) This app was also built entirely in React Native. It has been a great framework to use and something I will credit for the speed with which we've been able to get this product out so quickly. I'll be having our Head of Engineering add a few note on the experience if there is interest or are any question. We're making people centered, beautiful products that make clinical or imposing parts of a person's life easy and enjoyable to use every day. We believe there isn't nearly enough design in the medical space so we're here to add a little. This is just the tip of the iceberg for us so keep an eye out for future products from us!
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I find this is increasingly happening. Fair enough if it's for scalability but I think a comment explaining what app stores its available in might be something product hunt or the hunter themselves should implement
Beautiful UI; congratulations @mwcrowley. Do you guys foresee any issues with HIPAA compliance in the US? I'm assuming all the medical data (e.g. which meds I'm taking) are stored locally and/or encrypted? Also any plans for Android?
Thanks @rajamatage! We're extremely careful with our users' health data, and we've ensured our app is HIPAA compliant. All health data is stored locally, and analytics data is deidentified in accordance with the safe harbor method outlined in §164.514(b) Android is on our roadmap, in fact it was a major reason we decided to use React Native to power the app! We have a lot of work to do on the feature set and user experience, but we’ll definitely support Android in the future.
Beautiful UI great product!