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Hi Product Hunt! Rosa here - I started Rosali Tea to bring better tea and tea education to people's doorsteps, so everyone can enjoy a moment of calm in their busy lives. Rosali Tea is a monthly subscription of handcrafted whole-leaf teas, tailored to your preferences and delivered to your door. We source from around the world and emphasize small-batch teas of the highest-quality, with tasting notes and detailed stories about each tea to bring them to life. Rosali Tea ensures that you don’t have to sacrifice the complex beauty of whole-leaf tea for convenience. Our service condenses the vast world of teas into an easily attainable experience, with a focus on quality, convenience, and discovery. Working with farmers who have dealt in tea for generations, we are able to bring only the finest in teas and botanicals from across the world, creating the most evocative, nuanced, and complex of tastes. So give yourself and your loved ones the gift of health and zen this holiday season! Happy sipping! Rosa
This is cool, I've seen it for beer and coffee but not tea. Thx @lylemckeany for posting it!
@accomplice thanks michael!
@accomplice thanks michael for being our first commenter!
I loooove love my Rosali tea. Can't wait for the next batch. I convinced everyone if the office to give it a try. Very cool mixes.
@mada299 Thanks Mada! The next batch of teas is looking pretty awesome too! Can't wait for you to get them!
@lauralynnz @mada299 Me too. My co-founder Mike got some too. Hope our boxes are different so I can experience more flavors.
@mada299 It'll depend on if you both input different preferences - if you have different preferences then likely you'll get diff boxes :)
FYI, 2 things! 1. We're offering a Product Hunt exclusive 20% Off with code PRODUCTHUNT and 2. We're running a contest to give away a year of tea for free on the website! Happy Monday!
@lauralynnz really like this, I know you can customize the amount of caffeine and how much you get but is there a way to customize for taste? I have a girlfriend that does not like toasted nut or rice flavors for example ( i know weird! but she also hates chocolate )